The Gift of Encouragement

Christmas is a time to celebrate and a time to give. I want to give you a gift that keeps on giving all year round not just at Christmastime and that is encouragement. Jesus has given me so much encouragement this year at just the right times. I want to share 12 pieces of encouragement that gave me love, joy, hope, peace, trust and patience throughout the year.

I love this quote, it comes to mind when considering catching up with friends, quiet time with Jesus or even working out.


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If I could choose a Bible verse to sum up my year it would be James 4:8a because even though this year was not what I thought it would be, Jesus has never felt closer and that in itself is amazing.



July 18th 2016 will always be a sweet memory for me. It was the day I finally knew that Jesus loved me with reckless abandonment, yes, the flawed, broken, sinful and constantly failing me. It was the day head knowledge became heart knowledge.



Set Free was born out of Jesus whispering and showing me ‘I have come to set you free Cathy, will you let me?’ in my heart through Psalm 34 in particularly Psalm 34:4.



Philippians 4: 6-7 reminds me I can talk to Jesus about anything and He can give me peace no matter what we are talking about.



Romans 8:28 is encouraging because I know that Jesus has the best plans for me. Taking the mess and turning it into something beautiful if we allow Jesus to work on our behalf.



One of the biggest themes this year has been trust. Many times Jesus has whispered to my heart ‘Trust me… Trust me… Trust me’ or ‘Trust me, I know your heart’. I am still learning to trust but Jesus hasn’t given up on me.



This quote gives me great peace of mind. I hope it does for you too.


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This quote speaks so much truth… I love it.


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I want to thrive not just survive the next part of the adventure whatever that may be so I am happy I took the time to work on my character because I needed to change but never took the time.


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This is my favourite workout quote. Learning to love me rather than hate has always been difficult but this year I wanted to start challenging the negative thoughts concerning myself and ask Jesus to help me see myself realistically and how He sees me.


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This quote reminds me that Jesus always has a plan and He has a purpose for me right where I am.


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I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.



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  • Anne Brown
    Posted at 02:23h, 23 December Reply

    Those are the most precous gifts of all. And you get to enjoy them for eternity now you’ve opened them. What a wonderful way you have encapsulated the reality of the true gifts Jesus came to earth to give us.

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