TLC Moments

Psalm 91:4 “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.”

Life can just be plain hectic sometimes. You write to do lists but there always seems to be more to do. These past few weeks have been one of those times. Trying to juggle all of my commitments and not really succeeding.

I recently enrolled in a Bachelor of Commerce part – time (two subjects) completing it online. I forgot how time – consuming studying is and that you actually have to make time for it – it is only week two and I am already behind.

I really wanted to finish a task for volunteering that had already taken me hours so finished it (yay!) during my first week of uni (not such a good idea).

Works are being completed on a channel near my house which means consistent noise ALL DAY LONG. It is draining when you are used to quiet; as a result my energy levels have taken a hit.

Driving lessons = non-existent for over a month (to be fair on myself I did get sick for two weeks and then Mum had eye surgery twice).

I am actually making time to exercise which is a personal win for me. In the past when things got busy it would be one of the first things I would stop.

I am also trying to make time to Be Still.

When we get busy with all of our commitments it can be harder to see Jesus working in our everyday lives, providing us with some tender loving care (TLC) moments. When I looked up tender loving care, other words to describe it were: Kindness. Love. Attention. Awareness. Concern. Looking after. I want to notice those precious TLC moments and be grateful for them. Let me share two moments that have happened over the last few weeks in the midst of the busyness.

I had finally decided to Just Jump and study a Bachelor of Commerce. I applied at 10:30pm on the last day that applications were to be accepted for semester one (great timing I know!). The email stated I would be informed of the outcome within a couple of days. They rang the next afternoon. I had been accepted! I must admit I was a bit taken aback as I had prepared myself to wait the couple of days. I started on Monday. Jesus had put His fingerprints all over it like He did when I completed my first university degree. In Unexpected Detour I wrote:

I knew Jesus was in it because against all odds I got an offer, some people get no offers at all and as I was taking an accommodation tour I was offered the last wheelchair accessible room on campus – I hadn’t even gone to the university’s open day to express my interest.

I have been using some skin care products (moisturiser, serum and eye cream) since early January and have been really pleased with the results. I got some new products as freebies that I was keen to use. My whole face including my neck felt like it was burning and my skin developed a red rash. Needless to say I washed it off (a bit heartbroken), discontinued use and waited a couple of days before recommencing my regular skin care routine. What I wasn’t expecting is that I reacted in the same way, but this time to products I had used for weeks previously without a problem. Frustrated I washed it off and decided to wait a couple of days to try again. Why didn’t I just choose a different brand? I had finally found a brand that significantly tackled my skin issues (mainly dark circles) while being kind to my hyper – sensitive skin. I hadn’t found a brand like it. It gave me confidence and as I struggle to apply my own makeup this was a great solution for me. I once again started my regular skin care routine. I reacted again. In tears I talked to Jesus about how important it was to me for my skin to like the products again. Slowly, but within minutes, the reaction went away and my skin likes and benefits from the skin care routine. This was Jesus’ kindness, love and attention for me shining through.

They may be small, but to me they show His fingerprints. It showed His love for me, His concern for me, even in the small things. I encourage you to find the moments of TLC that Jesus gives you.



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