Under the Apple Tree

Song of Songs 2:6 “His left arm is under my head, and his right arm embraces me.”

To be honest I wasn’t going to write this week but I like talking to all of you each week. I have an assignment due 5pm tomorrow that I haven’t finished yet. Part of me is like I have plenty of time she’ll be right the other part is must not panic… I am panicking! It is exhausting with the constant swing of emotions. Before you relabel this blog post as ‘procrastination at its finest’ hear me out; I am writing this to encourage you that Jesus is in the midst of your busyness – you might not be a university student but I am sure you have things in your life that just make it busy.

Jesus wants to help us with our busy lives. He also wants to take us to quiet places. Quiet places where we can shut out the noise for a while. Quiet places where we can hear and enjoy His voice in the stillness because He is no longer competing. Quiet places where we can relax, become peaceful and rejuvenated.

In Be Still I mentioned two quiet places Jesus and I go despite never leaving my house. I imagine we meet at a beautiful beach or a field of wild flowers because I feel the most free and happy to be me in those places. Recently Jesus introduced another quiet place, we meet – under an apple tree. This is what He showed me:

Jesus and I are sitting under an apple tree, it is a beautiful day. I am in His arms, He lovingly touches my hair smiling at me. Jesus reaches up and picks an apple handing it to me with a kiss on my cheek – it is delicious. After a few moments we get up to dance, both of us smiling and laughing as I twirl around.

This beautiful imagery sums up our, Jesus and my, time spent together – peaceful, joyful and strengthening. I miss it if I forget or get too busy to catch up; much the same way with my other friends.

It is ok to take time out of your schedule to find quiet places with Jesus; there will always be something vying for your attention. My tip is to add seeking quiet places with Jesus (I put it down as quiet time – the label doesn’t matter) to your ‘to do list’ that way it just becomes a part of your day.



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  • Anne Brown
    Posted at 09:53h, 07 April Reply

    Glad you carved out the time to write this. Those beautiful quiet times with Jesus who has all the time in the world, bring us into a totally pace.

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