Don’t Lose Sight of Your Goal

The day I finished up my volunteer position in November last year I chatted to my supervisor about ways I could improve. After offering a few suggestions and encouragement she said “you are really just lacking opportunities”. I knew in that moment I had been building to [dramatic music please]…APPROACHING AN EMPLOYMENT AGENCY!

This is a huge step for me as it shows progress in acceptance, confidence and love of myself. As well as, to be honest, choking down my pride. My reasons for avoiding this avenue before was I didn’t want to be any more disabled and I wanted the satisfaction of knowing I could get a job by myself.

So I rang an employment agency I knew of only to be told I needed a referral from Centrelink. Undeterred I rang Centrelink to be told my paperwork would be reviewed and I would be rung with the outcome. Two weeks went by – no contact. I rang again wondering on the progress of the referral – “an urgent email to my local Centrelink office would be sent”. New Year’s came and went. Third time I called Centrelink an appointment with an employment agency was set up over the phone just like that.

When Mum (I am blessed that my parents are supportive with a unique blend of hopeful and realistic) and I attended the appointment, we were informed that it would take 3 – 6 months before they could start advocating for me because they needed to get to know me before they could do so. And then the right position and employer has to be found. I was frustratingly devastated to the point of tears today that it is going to take so long.

After some tears and talking out my frustrations and stresses (about many things) and praying about my attitude and current circumstances I felt some peace. Do you know what came to mind after I found peace again? Past accomplishments. Two really stood out for me.

  1. My surgeries and the road to recovery to a better quality of life
  2. Achieving my Bachelor’s Degree
Luke 12:24a “Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them.”

The road to reaching each of these goals wasn’t easy, quick or with the best attitude at times. There were even times I didn’t think I would even get there; let alone thrive instead of just survive. As I walk (with a walking frame) along the beach (or anyway for that matter) and as I walked across the stage to accept my degree it is pure elation.

Do I forget the challenges I overcame for both accomplishments? No. Surprisingly, for me, the hardships make the achievement sweeter and filled with more gratitude. That is what I am holding onto – the moments I did achieve that goal, dream or hope. It carries with it hope and determination for my future hopes, dreams and goals.




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