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This is my first ever travel blog post! Although I don’t want it to be your typical one. Yes I think you should all pack your bags and experience beautiful Byron Bay for yourselves; but I hope you never give up on your travel dreams. I got reminded just how sweet it is when you achieve a dream. Ticking off one from the bucket list it is an incredible feeling.

I added Byron Bay to my bucket list about 2 years earlier. I discovered the clothing brand Spell & the Gypsy Collective which is based in Byron Bay and now a favourite of mine. Then I joined Instagram and started following people who were lucky enough to call this place home and fell in love with its beauty.

I started (officially) planning and booking back in November. We went in April.

Travel Tip 1: Ring the airline yourself: I was using WebJet to research flights but it didn’t have a disability button to notify the airline that I was taking my wheelchair and walking frame: so I thought I would use a travel agent as I was a novice traveller. But when they mentioned they would ring the airline I realised I could do that. So I did. It was a straightforward process – the hardest part for me was spelling all the required information, haha.

Travel Tip 2: Check in your baggage: We were only going for a short holiday so I thought we would just have carry-on luggage to save money; but I forgot about lugging it around the airport (bags x 2, wheelchair and walking frame!) so we ended up checking it in to make it easier.

Byron Bay and the surrounding area has honestly captured my heart. It is certainly beautiful. From its lush, green, rolling hills hinterland to its soft sand and dreamy water beaches; but it is more than that. People are so kind and friendly, there are buskers in the streets who have people sitting around listening and supporting their music, everywhere we ate was delicious!

PLACES WE WENT: I can’t pick a favourite highlight. So here is some of what we got up to:

Crystal Castle & Shambhala Gardens: The day we landed in the Gold Coast we went on our way to Byron Bay. There were some impressive crystals of various sizes – one was particularly huge! We also went into a darkened room and the crystal was so sparkly! It was lovely wondering around the beautiful gardens.


Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary: We travelled back to the Gold Coast to experience this. It will be a day I will treasure always. For as long as I can remember I have been afraid of all animals, mainly due to their unpredictability which in turn made me feel vulnerable. In 2016 I decided I would work through my fears because I didn’t want to be afraid of animals anymore. So the day we went to the wildlife sanctuary I wondered how I would go. Yes my friend had to reassure me and I had to give myself encouragement ‘you got this’ for our first animal, the kangaroo, but my face was priceless! We also fed rainbow lorikeets and even cuddled a koala! Bucket list moment for me!



Byron Bay Hinterland: We went to Minyon Falls in Nightcap National Park which was really beautiful and travelled around to Nimbin then to Bangalow – there is always something to explore, the scenery was stunning.


Cape Byron Lighthouse: The Lighthouse was really pretty and the views are breathtaking; it is easy to see why it is always one of the top things to do while in Byron Bay.


Travel Tip 3: Take your disabled parking sticker with you: I forgot to take mine this trip and Byron Bay is busy – remember yours for easier car parking.

Beaches: I LOVE the beach. It is the source of much teasing in my family as I am not just content to look at a beach I want to feel the sand between my toes and the waves lapping my knees. Two out of three we tried I was able to access by walking across the sand which squeaked as we walked. Their names were Main Beach and Tallow Beach (at Broken Head) I was one happy girl!



PLACES WE ATEWe didn’t eat at the same place twice! Everything was so yummy! Here are a few:

Treehouse on Belongil: It had an awesome vintage vibe! We had pizza and was recommended to have an array of chilli sauce to try with it – so good!

The Byron Bay General Store: It had a cool beach vibe! Everything looked so pretty and tasted yummy!

The Roadhouse Byron Bay: It had an amazing industrial vibe! There is no such thing as ordinary porridge here – the flavour combination was delicious!

Byron Bay Cookie Company: Best bought biscuits I have ever tasted! Wish I bought more.

I would love to go back to Byron Bay (I am still on a high) and also have adventures to other places I have on my bucket list. This holiday gave me hope of achieving more. I hope you get to travel to the places you are dreaming about and have the most awesome time when you do.

Numbers 6:24 -26 “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face towards you and give you peace.”

Love to you and happy travels!


PS All photos are taken by my friend 🙂

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