Happy 1st Birthday

It is one more sleep until we have made it a year! That’s right on 15th September 2016 I posted my first blog post for Dandelion Dust & Honey called New Beginnings. I was never really the person to be like ‘one day I am going to start a blog’ I mean what would I call it and what on earth would I write about? The excuses kept coming. Yet Jesus kept nudging me with the idea. I remember a friend’s dad once said to me something like ‘Jesus only shows us one small piece of the masterpiece He is creating at a time’. That was the last conversation I had with him before he suddenly passed away. Jesus echoed in my thoughts as my heart was shattered what are you waiting for? And Dandelion Dust & Honey was born with the simple purpose of encouraging everyone who reads. I had a few ideas what I wanted to write about in the first weeks of blogging but mostly it has been taking each week as it comes and the writing reflects that. It has been amazing to watch it unfold the way it has. Thank you, to YOU, my readers, for coming on an adventure with me I am so very grateful for the way you all have embraced Dandelion Dust & Honey.

Below is a few of my favourite blog posts.




Fighting Back

Letting Go

Beautiful Scars

A Lesson in Gratitude

Loving Yourself

Just Breathe

Determined Yet Flexible

Nurturing Confidence

Happiness Challenge

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