Look at All You Have Achieved

Today it hit me, at the end of this year it will be 2 years since I graduated and 3 years since I finished my uni degree in Strategic Communication. Rather than feeling proud I felt the opposite; highly anxious and deep sadness. Why? Because I haven’t accomplished what I term ‘success’. It was like ‘what have you been doing with your life?’ in the most accusing, unkind tone.

Let’s pause there for a moment, because I would like to share 3 strategies to deal with anxiety I have found useful:

Identify the reason for the anxiety: I find this helpful because you can directly fight the source of the anxiety.

Share with someone you trust: They can provide some perspective that maybe you can’t see, some truth that you may have forgotten, and encouragement.

Remember your unique stress relieving techniques: To regain calm, peace, hope and happiness. For me, some of my favourites are: talking to someone, prayer, exercise, enjoying a hobby.

Yes some days my anxiety and self – critic is really strong, but the fight against it is always worth it – I was able to identify what was stressing me out (that in itself shows growth) and the storm passed quickly with the help of prayer, someone speaking truth into the situation and going for a walk.

It helped to review the years with perspective; to realise:

I have progressed in my healing of the past in less years than the trauma and heartache was created

I have fought back against suicidal thoughts not once but twice

I have broken down many walls in my life surrounding fear and anxiety, gaining freedom in ways I never thought possible

I am learning to find happiness in every day

I have gone from self – hate to a level of self – love that I couldn’t have imagined

I am learning to enjoy my life without the guilt

I have made new friends and caught up with old

I am learning new skills

I have volunteered

I have a blog

I have shared parts of my story to a live audience numerous times

I have made my health and fitness a priority

I am learning what it is like to keep moving forward

I have ticked some things off my bucket list


John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

What is the point to sharing this with you? I want to encourage you. Don’t let your inner self – critic steal the limelight of your self – cheerleader. If you get knocked down choose to get back up – you are a warrior. Forgive yourself for the past. Keep moving forward. Stay hopeful. Remember your past is a part of you but so is your present and future.

These past few years gave me back my life and a happier, more hopeful one at that. I have gained more despite not yet achieving my definition of ‘success’ – I think I need to change my definition!

Love to you!


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