Fresh Start

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. It has been for a variety of reasons from being busy to lacking inspiration (past two sentences) to wondering how to blend honesty with hope; to have the rawness yet still have the encouragement for all of you who read. Side note: Thank you to everyone who reads it means a lot. Anyway, I finally have something to write about: fresh starts.


“Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it” – Anne of Green Gables


Last week was tough as I fought familiar, well – worn battles. Anxiety. Self-love. Fear. Worth. Happiness. I have shared on these before. Yet I was devastated to see that I was fighting the same old battles … again. Have you learned nothing?! Was a common thought. As I was talking to my Mum in tears saying how sick and tired I was of having what seemed the same conversation. She said ‘but for the most part you are happy’. That was a HUGE relief. As it was highlighted that I am not the same that I once was which means for the most part I am not anxious, for the most part I do have growing self-love, for the most part I am not panicked by fear and for the most part I am working to recognise my own worth. It is a work in progress identifying the triggers that cause me to question myself all over again.

But I am still human. I still have days of tears and heartache (when is anyone happy ALL the time?). I am still working on so much of myself and yes, that includes, for me, parts of my past. Whilst trying to embrace myself for who I am now – to discover who I am.

Background to that statement: For a long time I wanted to be someone else, not me with my story. So it is a challenge to find me and I guess more importantly be ok with that – I am working on it.

Here is my point: one day you may be in tears wondering if you are ever going to achieve your goals and dreams or overcome struggles (hopefully I am not alone in this). But the next day you have a new chance, a fresh start, to keep working on it to step closer to those goals and dreams and breakthroughs for your struggles. To bound out of bed with hope, optimism and determination.

I have many projects I work on, so to see progress in many different areas of my life it helps to keep me hopeful and happy (for the most part). But you do you. The way you progress will look different to the way I progress and that is ok. One way is not wrong or right it is simply just one way. But each of us do get a fresh start with each new tomorrow.

Luke 1:78 “A new day will dawn on us from above because our God is loving and merciful.”

I hope you do achieve your goals and dreams and have breakthroughs with your struggles.



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  • Gerardine Prendergast
    Posted at 12:13h, 23 August Reply

    Keep climbing those mounds that pop up to block your path as you will make it. As your mum says ” you are not always there” take care and keep smiling.

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