Have you ever blown a dandelion and watched how the seeds gently float in the breeze being carried to somewhere new? Or tasted honey with its comforting, sweet nectar? In the same way what if we started having conversations that transformed our sense of love, joy, hope, peace and acceptance? These seeds (dandelion dust) could change our thinking on how we view ourselves and relate to one another. To flow like warm milk and honey from our head to our heart to every fibre of our being.

Dandelion Dust & Honey is inspired as a place of encouragement and shared experience; that despite our storms in life we can love, hope, dream and never give up.

Dandelion Dust & Honey, founder and writer, Cathryn Harrison comes from a background in Strategic Communication featuring Journalism and Public Relations. Cathryn wasn’t content to just write a blog because her degree naturally flowed that way but had to find reason to write with a passion not just write for the sake of writing.

2016 was not how Cathryn pictured the year but despite what is, compared to what could have been, in many ways Cathryn  wouldn’t trade this year. Why? Because  it has been a year of highlights and lowlights, of tears and frustration and ultimately of healing and transformation.

It is finally the right time for Cathryn to share her story through Dandelion Dust & Honey.

Cathryn loves hearing from her readers, so feel free to email cathrynharrison@hotmail.com with any questions, comments, suggestions, or even chances to work together.

“I am finally ready to own my story in all of its rawness and beauty because although it is not perfect it is mine.” ~ Cathryn Harrison